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Virtual History: Community in the Digital Age

Virtual History: Community in the Digital Age

ARCH 462-003 / LA 512-003 June 11-15

Explores how methods of digital communications such as web sites, Facebook pages, and GSP-linked smart phone apps can be used to ground community history in local places. The class will develop a digital history presence for Santa Rosa, New Mexico, a railroad and Route 66 community, potentially using historic and contemporary maps, aerial pho- tos and photographs, snippets of oral history interviews, and recordings from community celebrations.

Instructors: Tim Castillo, architect and Director, Arts Lab; Miguel Gandert, documentary photographer and Director, Film and Digital Media Program, and Enrique Lamadrid, folk- lorist and Chair, Spanish and Portuguese Department, all at UNM.

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Final Presentation Order

Introduction                                                        9:00-9:15

1.            Barnhart, Amy M.                                9:15-9:30

2.            Campbell, Nathan M.                         9:30-9:45

3.            Green, Christie N.                                9:45-10:00

4.            Johnson, Jessica                               10:00-10:15

5.            Kaini, Indira                                        10:15-10:30

6.            Sisneros, Samuel E.                           10:30-10:45

7.            Urioste, Shane M                               10:45-11:00

8.           Zacmanidis, Adriane S.                      11:00-11:15

Final Discussion                                               11:15-11:45

Final Topic Abstract + Timeline

We would like for every student to upload an abstract overview (250-500 words)  that articulates your research topic onto your blog .  Please also develop a calendar for creating milestones for completion.

Also, upload your visit information onto the blog, sketches, thoughts, photos, etc.

Due June 29, 2012

If you would like to get tutorials on any of the technologies covered,  please feel free to contact us to set up appointments.  If you would like to have this remotely via Skype, we will provide a address for you.  Please continue to visit the tutorial links for updated videos.